5 Things To Know (FOX 56)

Jan. 28: Penguin chicks, free groceries, and an alcohol …

Jan. 27: Food prices, charging stations, and welcome …

Jan. 26: Baby names, sleeping, and expensive romance

Jan. 25: Worried parents, Lyft late fees, and rabbit …

Jan. 24: Taxes, phones, and weight loss

Jan. 23: Stamp prices, sleep, and and rental chickens

Jan. 21: Egg smuggling, airline bumping, and Viagara

Jan. 20: Bad healthcare, Princess Diana’s dress, …

Jan. 19: Medical care, orange juice, and car prices

Jan. 18: Green spaces, early bloomers, and Taylor …

Jan. 17: Taxes, electric cars, and hit tour

Jan. 15: Hong Kong, long COVID, and Starbucks

Jan. 14: Quiet hiring, beer drinkers, and oldest …

Jan. 13: UFOs, caner rates, and chocolate

Jan. 12: Early retirement, kindness, and eggs

Jan. 11: Interest rates, green thumb health, and …

Jan. 10: Gas stoves, used cars, and quite quitting

Jan. 9: Travel perks, luxury cars, and sports

Jan. 7: Mega millions, Macy’s stores closing, and …

Jan. 6: Parental leave, skyhigh WiFi, and color-changing …

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