5 Things To Know (FOX 56)

September 12: smoking, pet food, and new iPhone

September 5: Jill Biden, Treadmills, and Burning …

Frankfort inmate dies after jumping from vehicle …

August 24: hotel fees, vaping, and new stamps

August 8: credit card debt, Apple music, and Prime …

August 7: dust devil, Walmart samples, and cage fight

August 1: Walmart ads, Apple bugs, and lottery losers

July 31: COVID up, Cardi B, and Angels

July 27: META losses, Bud Light, and free Subway

July 24: iPhones, public pools, and Barbenheimer

July 14: remote work, Prime energy, and green tongue

July 13: music streams, back to school shopping, …

July 12: summer delays, TikTok survey, and Florida …

July 10: Prime Day, rare snowfall, and Madonna

July 6: faucet water, Threads, and holiday babies

July 4: Threads, roller coaster, and NICU babies

July 3: Americans poorer, kale, and country stars

June 29: patriotic brands, migraines, and flying …

June 28: Meta security, largest cruise, and South …

June 27: new homes, Amazon delivery, and Titanic …

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