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Hip-Hop Artist RoRo Yone Scheduled to Rock the Stage at Andrew E. US Tour 2023

RoRo with Andrew E

RoRo Global Top 10

RoRo Yone in Red

Filipino artist RoRo Yone, from DC is set to finally introduce himself to the Filipino community after accomplishing many musical accolades worldwide.

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, March 18, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- With his striking beats, irresistible flow, and undeniable charisma, Rodolfo Goyone Jr, musically known as RoRo Yone has been making waves in the hip-hop world since he burst onto the music scene. Now, as one of the special guest performers for the March 25 Andrew Ford Medina US Tour 2023 in Baltimore, Maryland, the Global Top 10 Charting Hip-Hop Artist is set to take his star power to even greater heights in front of thousands of Filipino fans.

Born in the Philippines, RoRo Yone has been drawn to music from an early age. His talent for writing and performing quickly became apparent, and he began honing his skills in local schools and competitions. RoRo Yone comes from humble beginnings with a deep appreciation for life, feeling grateful for a chance to wake up and enjoy a warm meal. He and his siblings had to switch from home to home with no consistent roof over their heads in the Philippines. After moving to the US and working hard for many years toward becoming an established artist, RoRo Yone earned multiple plaques and performed in numerous major events; including performances at the MGM Grand, Times Square during New York Fashion Week, and the biggest performance yet in South Sudan, Africa in front of over 200,000 people. The show with Andrew E. will be RoRo Yone’s first time to perform in front of thousands of people from his home country. We expect a special memorable moment between RoRo Yone and his audience.

His stardom as an independent artist with CSP Music Group has lead to a music career take off, earning him a #7 on the Global Top 150 Independent Airplay Charts with his Pop-Rap song ‘Make It Bounce’; and number #1 on the Urban Influencer Rap Charts with his song ‘Money Everywhere’. But RoRo Yone is more than just a musical sensation. His songs are infused with a raw emotional honesty and a deep sense of empathy, as he draws on experiences and struggles of the people he observes.

For his performance at the Andrew Ford Medina US Tour 2023 in Baltimore, RoRo Yone has prepared a medley of six of his most popular tracks that are a unique blend of Hip-Hop, Pop-Rap, R&B and Pop influences, followed by the unforgettable single released last summer, "My Ex". Jaboy ng Sandamukal, a much-respected Filipino rapper, will join RoRo Yone onstage as his hype man. RoRo Yone will be performing along with 4 professional dancers, choreographed by Menilik Lemma and led by the star of the Netflix hit Dance Monsters - Chelsea Cushing (Cooper), who had the privilege of performing onstage for multiple Grammy-winning artists including Ludacris, Missy Elliott, Busta Rhymes, and many more. With his smooth flow and electrifying stage presence, RoRo Yone is sure to bring the house down and leave the audience wanting more.

For more about RoRo Yone, please visit www.roroyone.com, and be sure to follow his social media @roroyone.

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