In May of 2017, Leigh called her BFF Tamara and said they should start a blog to help get them out of the ruts they had found themselves in, and thus, KY Taste Buds was born.

The idea was to get out and explore all the beautiful state of Kentucky has to offer through its delectable food, Southern-inspired fashion, craft brews, world-class bourbon, and the many events offered year-round.

The blog turned into Brunch with the Buds, a podcast where the girls dished on what’s good and interviewed Kentucky movers and shakers. The podcast was picked up by a local radio station where Tam and Leigh brought their lively banter to the airwaves.

Following over three years on the radio, the opportunity to host their own lifestyle show came from FOX 56 in March 2023. You can watch “Live from Chevy Chase” on weekdays from 9-9:30 a.m.

Live from Chevy Chase

KY Taste Buds


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