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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A Lexington officer spent Thursday afternoon in the hospital after he was injured during the arrest of a man wanted by detectives for two years.

The tip that finally led investigators to Robeon Downs’ whereabouts came directly from a tip to Crime Stoppers.

“I’m pretty good. I have a headache, but I’m good,” said the injured officer, who asked that we not identify him to protect his safety.

He said he’s seen his fair share of scuffles in his nine years on the job.

“I’ve been in other scuffles, but never anything where I had to have stitches or anything like that,” said the officer.

A call from dispatch sent him and his partner to the 1000 block of Trent Boulevard. The man they were looking for was 21-year-old Robeon Downs.

Downs, featured on Crime Stoppers in February, was wanted for wanton endangerment, receiving stolen property, and criminal mischief charges. But, he’s been on the minds of detectives since 2020.

“We found out as we were going that he was wanted for multiple warrants, and he had been violent and armed and would most likely run,” said the officer. “Which is why we approached it the way that we did.”

Police said Downs ran and now faces new charges related to the chase and the injuries the officer and his partner suffered trying to do their job.

“It can be really fun, it can be really dangerous,” the officer stated.


The tough reality of an officer’s job is why many have left the profession, while others are hesitant to pursue it.

“These guys that work the street never know,” said Crime Stoppers coordinator and Lexington Police Detective Anthony Delimpo. “They get up and say goodbye to their family. They know, their family has to know, that they may not come home that day. Very thankful that these injuries weren’t too bad.”

Delimpo was also thankful someone thought of Crime Stoppers when they had information on a person so highly sought by police.

“Whoever this tipster was, remembered it, kept at it, here he is, please go get him,” said Delimpo.