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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The Crime Stoppers crime of the week is personal to a Lexington man whose debit card ended up in the wrong hands. But, he knows where it was used and police have pulled crystal clear photos from a bank ATM of the man who used it.

Lexington Police got the report of a missing card on May 28. “Yeah, our victim here realized his debit card was missing,” said Det. Anthony Delimpo. “Missing and most likely stolen. We’ve all been there, at least I have when you look down in your wallet and realize your debit card is missing.”

The victim knew something was up when charges started appearing on his bank statements. Withdrawals, he didn’t make. Thanks to paper trails and money banks spent on security cameras, police know exactly where to start looking.

“It’s great, we hope this will be a slam dunk case,” Det. Delimpo said. “Obviously, any ATM anywhere is going to have great cameras and multiple angles as this one did. So we’re hoping someone will see this one and give us a call and let us know who it was.”


The man seen using the card at a Central Bank in the 2000 block of Versailles Road does have several distinctive tattoos, including a skull wearing a backwards baseball cap on his right arm. He was also wearing a Mr. Fog flavored e-cig lanyard, white shoes with some kind of writing across the top and a buzz haircut.

If you know who he is, call the Crime Stoppers tip line at 859-253-2020 or log onto