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The warmer weather comes up with an uptick in a certain kind of crime, according to Lexington Police.

Police say in the past two weeks, they’ve had nearly a dozen reports of purses stolen out of cars in places like dog parks and fitness facilities. Investigators call the group behind it the “Felony Lane Gang” and they’re a problem all over the country.

“They travel up and down the lanes of highways, said Detective Anthony Delimpo. “I-75, I-64 all across the country, but Lexington seems to be a popular spot for them time to time.”

And, they’re back.

Over the past 10 days, 10 victims have fallen victim in the usual problem spots. Masterson Station and Wellington dog parks, salons, youth sporting fields and workout facilities. The types of places you might leave your purse or wallet in the car.

Lexington Police say the individuals behind the crimes are hard to catch because the way they operate is often layered. “Someone takes the stuff, usually go two or three blocks away and hand it to someone else. That person will then go and it can be extravagant as they’ll look at the ID, look at the checks then dress up as that person and use their credit cards all over town.”

Police say the thieves are likely from out of town. If you do frequently visit dog parks or sports fields, they suggest keeping an eye out for suspicious vehicles with out of state license plates.

Lastly, a reminder that this crime is 100% preventable. Police say if you can’t lock your purse or wallet in your trunk, keep it on you or don’t bring it at all.

“It’s easily preventable. People are leaving their purses in plain view. You’re hiding your purse, that doesn’t work. they know. They’re watching.”