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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) The May 24 murder of a Lexington man was meant to send a message, police said. The crime scene suggested to detectives Malcolm Long never saw the shooter coming.

“There was no altercation or anything like that,” said Detective Anthony Delimpo. “He was caught completely off guard. Probably had no idea what happened.”

The question of why is heavy on the minds of detectives. Even heavier for Long’s grandmother who didn’t feel comfortable talking to us on camera, but said she shared a home with the 29-year-old and now feels lost. She hopes one day she can forgive the person responsible. Not right now, she said, but someday.

“Without a doubt it was pre-planned. Somebody that knew him. It definitely wasn’t random,” said Detective Delimpo.

Lexington Police got the call around 4 that day and say Long was likely dead for hours.

“It was very gruesome. He was in his bedroom and was playing video games, the video game was on. And, somebody came into the house and shot him in the back of the head,” said Delimpo.


While family and friends mourned Malcolm’s death, his funeral became a crime scene when Joseph Richardson was shot and killed in the parking lot of Unity Worship Center. Both crimes are still unsolved.

“We had a little chatter at the beginning of this. Some names thrown out, but it didn’t really go anywhere. And this one wasn’t like our story last week where it was done in front of a huge crowd. The suspect was inside the house with the victim.”

An unsettling reality for his grandmother who has to relive the nightmare every time she walks into her house. She said Malcolm wasn’t a fighter, he had a good heart and was a good person. To the cruel person who did this, she hopes you find the guts to give yourself up.

“Whoever shot this young man in the back of the head, violently, is living and breathing air here most likely in Lexington and that’s extremely dangerous to think about,” said Detective Delimpo. “This guy is a danger to society and we need to find out who it is.”

Crime Stoppers is offering a $2,500 cash reward for information that leads to an arrest in Malcolm Long’s murder. You can leave your anonymous tip by calling (859)-253-2020 or by going online to