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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The Crime Stoppers success rate has been something to celebrate over the past year, but one case, in particular, continues to stump detectives.

They’re hoping third time’s the charm when it comes to catching a brazen Georgetown liquor store robber on this Crime Stoppers Crime of the Week.

Owner Yazan Ammari’s shift at Georgetown Liquor and Spirits was just about to be over this past June when a masked man carrying a hammer was about to make things interesting.

Not only did the masked man leave empty-handed, Ammari turned the tables and connected on a few swings with the robber’s own weapon.

Ammari: “Hello?”

Dispatcher: “This is dispatch, we’ve got them on the way. What’s going on?

Ammari: “Robbery.”

Dispatcher: Did he have a weapon?

Ammari: Yeah…

Dispatcher: What kind?

Ammari: …a hammer, I took it from him.

“If I gave him what he wanted, they’ll do it again and again, and you know what, that’s not gonna happen. Not right now, nope,” said Ammari.

During the three-minute melee, Ammari managed to march the now unmasked intruder right in front of his security cameras.

In the five months since, no one has called in to identify him.

“He’d been there, he’d scouted this out. He came in very quickly, he knew what he wanted, he knew right where the cash register was, he had that hammer up ready to attack. And it’s very bold,” said Det. Anthony Delimpo, Crime Stoppers coordinator.

Police believe, for a robbery that went sideways like this one, someone is talking about this crime or had injuries from that hammer.


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