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The Harrodsburg and Danville communities joined each other Saturday to celebrate Juneteenth. People kicked off the event with a prayer walk.

“Praying for our community to come back together,” said Collette Smith, who lives in Harrodsburg.

Juneteenth commemorates the end of slavery. Sindicat Dunn, who helped plan the event, hopes the federal holiday will help bring about change.

“We’re stepping into a new normal right now,” Dunn said. “You can go left or right with it, and we’re going right.”

People who live in the area say it’s a time to come together.

“There are some racial issues here in town,” explained Kathryn Vandyke. “We try to heal the best we can and try to get things like this together to bring people back together, not just the Black community, but let the White community come in and celebrate with us.”

The day included performances, guest speakers, and softball at West Lane Park in Harrodsburg.

Now that Juneteenth is a federal holiday people in the community hope it will become a state holiday.

They plan to celebrate more Juneteenths in the future and invite others to join them.