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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A preliminary application is now open for those seeking student loan forgiveness from the government.

The move, however, is also creating a window of opportunity for scammers looking to take advantage of borrowers. The Better Business Bureau said they’ve already started to see loan forgiveness scams popping up.

They also said the accurate website to visit to apply for forgiveness is and that anything else could be cause for concern. 

“You get those phone calls saying we can forgive your student loans. Well, now it’s real, but can you trust who’s telling you this? That’s where scammers can get you the most. They can email you, text you, message you and make you think it’s the real deal, but it’s not. Keep in mind, too, that the government does not reach out to you. If someone calls claiming to be representing this forgiveness plan, don’t believe it, because it’s going to be a scam,” said Heather Clary, Better Business Bureau Central and Eastern Kentucky.

For more information or to report a scam visit