LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Kentucky tourism is booming, and Airbnb experiences can be a great way to explore a new or old place.

FOX 56 looked at the offerings available at Airbnb to bring you some of the highest-rated experiences. To create this list, we looked at the rating and how many reviews the experiences had to help find the highest-rated ones.

1. Cooking with Bourbon at the Cabin

This experience has the most reviews of any on the list, with 117 reviews, leaving an average of 4.89 stars out of 5.

You’ll join the host and owner of Kentucky’s Captian’s Cabin bed-and-breakfast, Tammy Donelson. Donelson invites guests to mingle over cocktails while she shows off recipes featuring bourbon.

For $69, you can take part in the Louisville dining and social experience here.

2. Horse Farm Tour — Thoroughbreds

Horses are a beacon of Kentucky’s history and culture and a major lure for tourism in the state.

According to the event description, participants will learn about the Xalapa Farm, meet stallions, explore where the movie Seabiscuit was filmed, and more.

This Paris experience has a 5-out-of-5 rating from 25 participants. You can book a tour here for $65 per person.

3. Cocktail making, bourbon tasting

This Louisville experience teaches you how to master Trouble Bar’s old-fashioned cocktail, followed by a bourbon tasting.

“Then, you’ll get to jump behind the bar to pick your own bitters & syrup combination to create your very own signature Old Fashioned. This is a fantastic start to your bourbon country adventures, or team building if you’re in town for work!” reads the event description.


This event has a 5.0 rating with 27 reviews and covers the history, background, and tips for using different types of bourbon. You can book an experience here for $95 per person. The host also offers a bourbon class without the cocktail tutorial, with a 5-star rating over 42 reviews. You can book it here for $95 per person.

4. Gourmet Picnic with the goats

The Lexington event is part of Airbnb’s animal collection and boasts a 4.98 rating with 47 reviews.

This experience allows attendees to choose a breakfast, lunch, or dinner wooded picnic featuring Lexington restaurants and plenty of time to relax with both baby and adult goats.

“Your picnic area will have a picnic-style table, Adirondack chairs, and a hammock for you to relax in, or a game of cornhole or Bocca Ball. The goats will be tied in the picnic area, so there is no need to worry about them invading your dinner!” reads the description.

The whole experience is customizable and can be private or social; just let the host know when booking here for $95 per person.


We can also customize your picnic brunch or dinner and have many dates available; just request a date and time.

5. Soapmaking experience

This event offers attendees the opportunity to craft personal bath products and learn about what ingredients to use for their skin type. Beyond just soaps, scrubs, and bath salts, they can accompany your creation or be a great gift.

The experience has a 4.95-star average over 39 reviews. You can book a session here for $45 per person.