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WOLFE COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) – The American Red Cross remains in Wolfe County making sure not all hope is lost for families evacuated from Jackson.

The organization is overseeing two shelters in the Jackson area.

A group of seven local volunteers is trying to alleviate any suffering. They said families are tired and anxious but they know relief is on the way.

Right now, the Red Cross is meeting most of the medical needs and has mental health services available for those in need.

Volunteers reaffirmed they will be in the area as long as necessary.

“Sometimes it’s just an ear to listen or even a hug if need be. Somebody to just sit down and let them cry. Whatever it is that they need that’s what we’re here for,” said shelter director Tanya Garrity.

Volunteers said nearby communities are also helping as much as they can and donating food, bedding, and toiletries.