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HAZARD, Ky. (FOX 56) — Relief efforts have just begun in counties hit by catastrophic flooding in eastern Kentucky.

FOX 56’s Mandy Noell spoke with Hazard Mayor Donald “Happy” Mobelini about how extensive the damage and rescue efforts are in Perry County.

“Our fire department in town, I think they did like 40 to 60 water rescues in the last day in a half. But, you know, the governor, all the state officials have reached out, the National Guard is still here and they’ve been rescuing people all night long,” said Mayor Mobelini.

Appalachia underwater:

When asked about where the damage was the worst, Mayor Mobelini stated that although the whole county is struggling, the south end of the county is much worse than anywhere else.

“The majority of the problem is at the south end of the county, now, the north end of the county got some damage but it’s no comparison to the south end,” said Mobelini.

Although crews from multiple local and federal agencies are hard at work, the extent of loss of life is still uncertain in Perry County at this time.

“We didn’t ever really get any reports in Perry County,” said Mobelini. “We knew we had one at one time, and we’re afraid the toll may be higher.”

As new information becomes available FOX 56 will update you about the situations in Perry and other struggling eastern Kentucky counties.