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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – There are signs that COVID-19 cases are starting to level off in Kentucky. However, that does not mean we’re out of the woods.

Gov. Andy Beshear said there are signs we are in a plateau.

In Pulaski County, cases run from just over 8,200 in early September to more than 9,400 by September 24. That region, which includes Somerset, saw hospital capacity go from 55% to 65% during that same time.

ICU beds in that region were at 100% on September and at 98% on September 24. Ventilator use went from 52% at the first of September percent to 39% last week.

Lake Cumberland Regional Hospital has seen a lot of COVID-19 patients over the past few months, and there’s been questioned raises if it they are “full” or “at capacity.”

We’ve asked for an update Monday, and they pointed us to a video they posted on their Facebook page:

“Lake Cumberland is caring for more than 35 patients that has tested positive for COVID-19 in our hospital. This number does and has changed rapidly. We are using all of our available resources to manage a steep increase in COVID-19 patients.”

The director of the local EMS has said ambulances have had to wait for long periods of time for beds to be available at the hospital for patients.

Lake Cumberland has had help from the National Guard in recent weeks doing nonpatient care activities.

Local health care officials still say the majority of their COVID-19 patients are those who are unvaccinated.