MAYFIELD, Ky. (FOX 56) — It’s a tradition like no other: Kentucky’s Fancy Farm Picnic!

For one weekend each year, a tiny city in western Kentucky moves into the spotlight and kicks off the political season ahead of Election Day.

Normally, political speaking is a sleepy affair, but not at Fancy Farm. The crowds unloaded insults at political opponents and relentlessly hurled roaring chants for their side. With a competitive governor’s race in November, hundreds showed support for their candidate at the top of the ticket.

“A-N-D-Y for K-Y” cheers roared as incumbent Gov. Andy Beshear addressed the crowd.

“When you’re on a historic winning streak, you don’t fire the coach,” Beshear interjected to the raucous crowd.

“Daniel Cameron!” chants echoed as Attorney Gen. Daniel Cameron took his turn at the podium.

“I know you guys are obsessed with pronouns these days, but come November, yours are going to be “has” and been,” Cameron jabbed at Beshear and his followers.

Spectacle, showdown, whatever term people use to describe Fancy Farm, it isn’t just an event for candidates to spice up their speeches but also to throw in a couple of stinging barbs. Fancy Farm offers a rare opportunity for Republicans and Democrats to share the same stage.

“They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and there it is! Now, when it comes to that photo, three words will do the job. Andy, you’re fired!” roared Cameron.

A “Fire Andy” chant proceeded to fill the air.

Cameron told his audience about “TV Andy Beshear” and “Frankfort Andy Beshear.” He said when the cameras are off, he aligns more with “radical policies.”

“I’ve been watching Frankfort Andy up close for nearly four years. And I have just one question, Governor, are you auditioning for a job with Bud Light’s marketing team?” asked Cameron.

“It’s not true, it’s all lies. But if you’re willing to lie about a grand jury, he’s willing to lie to you,” Beshear retorted while on stage.

Beshear touted a strong economy and jobs coming to western Kentucky. He also didn’t miss a chance to double down on jabbing Cameron and his running mate, Sen. Robby Mills.  

“You know, if you took all the people on Daniel’s L-G list above Robby Mills and you put them all in a room together, you’d have the biggest crowd in the Cameron campaign,” jabbed Beshear.


The stage wasn’t dominated by just Beshear and Cameron, all of the candidates on the ballot in November took the stage and stared down the same fiery crowds.