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BOWLING GREEN, Ky. (FOX56/WKYT) – Thousands of families were without power Saturday night in Bowling Green, one day after the community was hit by a devastating tornado.

Huge trees were uprooted and homes were damaged by the storm. Harrison Alford said what started as a typical Friday night, gave way to a terrifying morning.

“We waited out the worst of it downstairs,” said Alford. “We went back up probably an hour or two later to assess the damage.”

The Warren County Coroner said at least 11 people were killed by the tornado.

“There is other neighbors around here that have experienced the same as us. They have experienced less than us. There is others on the other side of town that have faced far worse than us,” said Alford.

While families begin the long cleanup process, help is already pouring in. A donation center opened early Saturday morning at South Warren Middle School. By Saturday night, a mountain of goods had been collected for those who have lost everything.

“It’s heartbreaking on the one hand, we know some of the tragic stories that have come out of this storm, but on the other hand it’s been very heartwarming to see all the people come out, students, teachers, staff, volunteers, and people we don’t know. The flow of stuff as you can see has not stopped,” said Matt Deaton, principal of South Warren Middle School.

The school is also serving as a Red Cross shelter. Volunteers have set up cots for those who need them. The shelter is set up to hold up to 100 people. The school has also been using buses to pick people up and bring them to the shelter.