LOUISVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) — Two people have been arrested in relation to a drug smuggling scheme in Oldham County.

Steven Jones, 26, and Taylor Childers, 29, were arrested on Tuesday morning, according to the citation.

Officials said they were notified by Oldham County Detention Center representatives of a recorded conversation between Taylor Childers and an inmate, Benny Thomas, where they discussed their plans to bring an unknown drug into the jail using part of the inmate’s prosthetic leg.

Authorities were notified that Jones had arrived at the Jail on Tuesday morning to drop off the discussed prosthetic leg attachment for Thomas.

When they searched the prosthetic, authorities found 16 small clear bags with an orange powder substance inside, in the top portion of the prosthetic leg sock, that had been folded and sewn shut.


Upon further investigation, they found that Childers had driven Jones to jail that day but waited for him in the vehicle. That’s where officials found her when they arrived.

Childers and Jones were both charged with first-degree trafficking of a controlled substance, first-degree promoting contraband, and engaging in organized crime. Childers has also been charged with conspiracy to traffic a controlled substance.

It’s unclear if the inmate involved will face new charges at this time.

Childers and Jones were both booked at the Oldham County Detention Center.