LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — An eastern Kentucky native is now helping out the town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi which was devastated by a tornado over the weekend.

After being impacted by the floods here last summer, Chris Hall decided to head to Mississippi to help.

Chris Hall who is also a well-known storm chaser went to help those in need. He said there is no time to waste when it comes to a disaster after what he lived through in the eastern Kentucky floods.

Hall said it hits you harder when you see it in person.

“The majority of this town is rubble,” said Hall. “There’s a couple of homes left on the outsides of town and this grocery store that were sitting at here set up. that’s one of the only things that are left standing in this town.”

He was one of the first people to get into town along with other chasers. He said he was there for more than an hour before he saw an ambulance.

“There were no EMS, there was no fire, it was you against mother nature,” Hall said.

A woman walked toward Chris in the pouring rain and was badly injured after there was nothing, but rubble left of the place where she worked- the family dollar.

“She was bleeding really bad out of the back of her head, a big gash in her head, her arm was definitely fractured,” said Hall. “We got her to the hospital and her husband text me the next morning and said her spine had completely broken off her back, and that’s incredible. She walked to me, and I don’t see how she did it.”

Hall drove an hour south to the nearest hospital that was available to help the woman in need. 

Hall says to help those in need hits a little differently for me after what he went through in the Eastern Kentucky floods. 

“I tried to put it in perspective of the small town where I’m from and there’s a small town here so you know they don’t have much here so you know that a lot of people aren’t going to be able to build as easy as a bigger city would.”


Hall mentioned that they raise funds to be able to come and cook for however long they are needed.

“I know during disasters, during a livestream shop ryanhall.com, he’ll put like a little sticker online that takes 20-30 cents to make. Whatever donation that they make goes straight into that relief fund and that brings money to the card that I can go out and buy whatever or do whatever with that amount.” 

Hall tweeted that nearly 1,800 meals were served today. He said that the town will need a lot of thoughts, support, and prayers not just this week or next week but for years to come. He plans to leave Thursday to follow severe weather but plans to come back to Mississippi to continue to help.