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LETCHER COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) – Two and a half months after historic flooding devastated eastern Kentucky, the rebuilding process is in full swing, although it has been a slow process.

“It has been slow, it’s picking up,” said Letcher Co. resident Lisa Isaacs. “We have met the needs of so many people. Not just us, but the whole community in our county and the surrounding counties.”

Now, however, it is a race against the clock with many displaced people desperately hoping to get back into their homes before winter.

“We need so much,” said Isaacs. “We shouldn’t have children in tents. We have children in Carr Fork Lake in Knott County coming to ride to the Knott and Letcher County line and go to school in Letcher County. That’s uncalled for, that’s unnecessary.”

Isaacs said many don’t have a plan with winter on the horizon.

“There is no plan for it, as far as we know,” Isaacs explained. “They got the little FEMA trailers but there is no solid plan. Nobody’s got a place to go and you can’t take your stuff with you to one of those little campers.”

Despite flood victims dealing with their own damage, everyone is trying to do their best and help each other by giving out donations to make sure the community gets back on track.

“We do it because these are our people,” Isaacs described. “We’ve helped multiple counties, six counties away that have come here to get stuff and We serve them. It is just something that is done out of the goodness of your heart.”

Although there is the looming threat, eastern Kentucky is home, and for many people, leaving isn’t an option.

“I mean look at these mountains and all the beauty of the leaves and stuff, nobody wants to leave here,” said Ricky Yonts. “If you live here all your life you can understand it more.”