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PULASKI COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56) – Dozens of drivers in Pulaski County are calling for something to be done at a state-owned intersection. The most recent wreck left two young people in serious condition.

“In a community like this, practically everyone knows what the other had for breakfast that morning,” said Kenny Upchurch, city commissioner and former chief of police.

Upchurch says they’re tired of having to bury their friends and family.

“And going to the hospital and seeing them all broke up and injured,” Upchurch said.

The intersection at US 27 and Ky. 70 is where Fire Chief Norman Rutherford says he’s worked countless wrecks over the last 30 years.

“Well it seems like we have at least one a month, maybe more than that. We’ve had two the last week,” Rutheford said.

One was a crash that left a couple, both 19 years old, in serious condition in the hospital.

“The problem is, people that are coming on Highway 70 across are having to come across four lanes of road to be able to get the direction they want to go. If they want to come into Eubank they have to cross all four lanes of oncoming traffic both ways,” Pulaski County resident Vince Stephens said.

Stephens has lived in the area since 1981, and says the 55 mile per hour speed limit doesn’t keep people from going 80 miles per hour or more on the road.

“It’s just a caution light. A caution light may stop people coming from 70, but on 27, people are still coming at a pretty hefty speed,” Stephens said.

“The mayor told me they’ve been trying to get a stoplight there for 25 years. The state says there’s not enough traffic to justify it, that there’s not enough accidents,” Eubank resident Nora Zeller said.

The state is proposing an RCUT, something that would require drivers make U-turns, rather than crossing through the intersection. Commuting through the intersection daily, Zeller and Stephens are two of dozens convinced this won’t make intersection safer.

“Turns one dangerous intersection into four, smaller dangerous intersections,” Stephens said.

The community is holding an open meeting at 6:30 Thursday night at the Eubank Senior Citizen Center. Their goal is to appeal to the state to put in a traffic light, or some other traffic slowing device, to make the intersection safer.