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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – This week is National Drive Electric Week in the United States.

According to Evolve KY, there are around 4,000 electric vehicles currently on Kentucky roads.

“And I just didn’t like the waste of energy,” said Fred Rockhold, board of directors member for Evolve KY. “With an electric vehicle, you turn the motors into generators and you put that energy back into the battery.”

Organization representatives said the shift from gas to electricity is part of human’s mean to evolve.

“Someone smarter than me said that we didn’t leave the stone age because we ran out of rocks,” said Evolve KY President Daniel Monroe. “Someone came along with a better idea. And today the better idea is to move from the hydrocarbon age where we burn stuff to make things go. And move into using our brains, using technology, putting solar panels on our roofs and literally driving on sunlight.”

Evolve said there are multiple benefits to owning electric cars compared to their gas rivals.

“The quiet, peaceful, smooth ride,” described Rockhold. “That is the best part. Then the economy, it only costs me four cents a mile to drive it.”

“My son’s pickup truck takes 25 cents a mile in gasoline,” Monroe said.