KENTUCKY (FOX 56) — Fayette County residents are known for their generosity, ranking among the top five most generous counties in a recent SmartAsset study.

In the study, SmartAsset analyzed which counties are donating the most money to charitable causes are measured by the percentage of their net income and the proportion of people in each county making charitable donations.

Fayette County ranked fourth among the top 10 most generous counties in Kentucky.

The top five in terms of contributions as part of their income are ranked:

  1. Oldham County – 1.61%
  2. Jessamine County – 1.66%
  3. Woodford County – 1.54%
  4. Fayette County – 1.40%
  5. Jefferson County 1.43%


To determine the amount of money being donated, SmartAsset measured the total number of tax returns showing charitable donations versus the total number of individual returns in the county.

The 6.9% of charitable donors in Fayette County were narrowly beaten by Woodford County at 7%. Both counties however fell short of Oldham’s heroic 11.35% of returns itemizing charitable donations. The state of Kentucky’s average percentage of itemized returns came in at 2.49%.

To see if your county made the mark in the full top ten study, click here.