PRESTONSBURG, Ky. (FOX 56) — An eastern Kentucky community is coming together through wrestling.

For the past 7 years coach J.R. Bryant was the only wrestling coach in the county and the only program was at Prestonsburg High School. Interest grew enough at neighboring Floyd Central to start a team there.

Bryant stepped in to help both programs and the new coach — and soon found a need for a bigger practice space. The competing teams are practicing together in a gym provided by the Christian Appalachian Project — and Bryant said there’s been a major community benefit.


“You know there’s always that competition, there’s always that line drawn in the sand between those teams. And whenever we come together, they wrestle we practice together we compete in the room with each other every single day and then we got to the meets, and you see these kids cheering for one another,” said Bryant.

Bryant said they will still be having practices there after the season concludes and are encouraging kids with interest to give it a shot. He also hopes to bring more schools in the county into the partnership.