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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The General Assembly has voted to override both of Gov. Andy Beshear’s vetoed redistricting maps and the House and Senate voted to override vetos of both bills.

Beshear vetoed SB 3 and HB 2 overnight, the Congressional redistricting and State House redistricting maps, respectively.

“I believe that they are unconstitutional and a clear example of political gerrymandering. I believe that voters should choose their elected representatives, elected representatives should not choose their voters,” Beshear said during a news conference Thursday.

“Despite the governor’s specious veto language, by specious I mean it sounds plausible but is in fact not true. This map meets all constitutional and statutory requirements,” Sen. Damon Thayer (R-Georgetown) said before the chamber voted on SB 3.

Both Kentucky House and Senate chambers voted on the veto override Thursday afternoon. On HB 2, the Senate voted 24-10 and the House voted 69-23 to override the veto. On SB 3 the Senate voted 26-8, the House voted 64-24 to override the veto.

Despite an overwhelming majority in both chambers, not all Republicans were on board with the override.

“I’ve talked to people in my district, I currently cover 5 counties. The input that I’ve gotten back on this particular map has been negative,” Sen. Donald Douglas (R-Nicholasville), who voted no on HB 2 said.

“In my perspective Senate district I’m going to be representing a district that has 5 different congressmen, that’s just not acceptable,” Sen. Adrienne Southworth (R-Lawrenceburg) who voted no on SB 3, said.

Beshear did not action on SB 2, the State Senate redistricting map.