LOUISVILLE (FOX 56) — Two “emaciated” rescue horses have been given a second chance at life as therapy horses.

Two senior horses, Reese, 20, and Ginger, 18, were relinquished from their owner’s care in August. One of the horses was given the lowest possible body condition score as her ribs and spine were prominent.

After being under the care of the Kentucky Humane Society at Willow Hope Farm’s care for nearly three months, Reese and Ginger moved on to the next chapter.

On Friday, Reese and Ginger arrived at their new home in Louisville, where they’ll become therapy horses.

Green Hill Therapy is a nonprofit therapy clinic that specializes in rehabilitation through occupational therapy techniques.


“Reese and Ginger, who came in together from a starvation/neglect situation a little over 2 months ago, are now healthy and ready to start their next chapter in life,” Kentucky Humane Society Equine CARE said. “Today they are exploring their new pasture, but soon enough they will begin going through the motions to start their new purpose of assisting with occupational and physical therapy.”

“We are thrilled to see these beautiful equines happy, healthy, and thriving in their new pasture. We can’t wait to see all of the amazing things they’ll do! Happy trails, Reese and Ginger,” the Kentucky Humane Society said.