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BATH COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Bath County is dealing with some high water issues Wednesday.

Officials in Bath County says several roads are underwater. They say most of the flooding is north of I-64.

While the rain has been on and off Wednesday in the county, the main issue they’ve been facing is that that morning storms were training over the same area, causing flooding issues across the county.

Residents in the area didn’t wish to go on camera, but they said the flooding along Highway 36 rose in a matter of minutes to cover their yards and even the highway, but as quickly as it rose, the water had gone back down.

Other areas aren’t quite as lucky.

On Wyoming Road, just a few miles outside Owingsville, water is still across the roadway which is where Emergency Manager Jason York has been watching to keep drivers safe.

According to York, a few homes in the area reported four to almost six inches of rain in their gauges, just from the morning storms alone and he says this has caused issues for several areas.

“A lot of water covered roads, a lot of blocked up culverts that are being cleared currently and a lot of road damages, especially on White Oak Road,” York said.

Now, the good news is emergency management says there have been no reports of injuries or folks stranded by these flood waters yet, but they know as more rain is expected Wednesday afternoon.

They want everyone to just stay safe and never drive through flooded roadways.