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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Thousands of students in eastern Kentucky are still waiting to head back to school.

The area hit by flooding is home to 18 school districts. Four could return to the classroom this week, but 14 others are on pause while assessing the damage.

Leaders with the Kentucky Department of Education said damage varies school by school. Many are left brainstorming how to get kids back to class.

Dr. Jason Glass said, “Solutions such as bringing in modular, trying to set those up, move students into other buildings where there may be space available, take over and reopen old school buildings that had been closed for several years. So it’s a lot of really difficult options.”

The state’s top education official said there are ongoing conversations about a special session to help eastern Kentucky, which could lead to additional funding for schools or the possibility of waiving some state requirements like attendance.