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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Russia’s invasion into Ukraine could impact The United States and Kentucky as a whole.

Dr. Robert Farley, a Security and Diplomacy Professor at the University of Kentucky said Russia’s invasion into Ukraine is cause for concern and could have a far-reaching impact.

More than 100 casualties have been reported and that number is expected to grow. Farley said expect to see an influx of refugees fleeing to places like Poland.

Locally he said we’ll feel the biggest impact of the invasion at the pump through a rise in gas prices. Farley said energy prices could rise as well, meaning it could cost more to heat your home, and said the invasion could impact Kentucky troops.

“There’s widespread bipartisan agreement that we do not want to fight Russia in Ukraine, but these people may be deployed to eastern Europe and they may find themselves in Poland or Romania, so that may change how long families are looking forward to the next months and years. Ukraine is a country of 40 million people and few of them want to live under Russian rule and they’re also going to be fleeing destruction and the general chaos of war. So, the refugee crisis in Eastern Europe could be very significant over the next couple months,” said Farley.

Farley also said a few students and alum of UK’s Patterson school were in Ukraine, but said luckily they were able to make it out safely before the invasion began.