KENTUCKY (FOX 56) — Addiction specialists at Diamond Rehab Thailand analyzed American Health Rankings data from United Health Foundation to determine which states have the best and worst sleepers.

The study looked at the percentage of adults from each state who reported not getting at least seven hours per night on average.

Kentucky ranked third in the study, with 38.6% of adults reporting they don’t get adequate sleep each night.


The state where adults sleep the worst on average is Hawaii at 39.4%, only 0.8% higher than Kentucky.

The top five states are comprised of the following:

  • Hawaii – 39.4%
  • West Virginia – 39.2%
  • Kentucky – 38.6%
  • Alabama – 38.3%
  • Louisiana -36.0%

“It’s essential to understand how critical sleep is to the most basic of functions in the human body and how much of a risk factor insufficient sleep can be for disease. One of the causes for poor mental and physical health is a lack of sleep. With socioeconomic factors impacting our everyday such as the cost-of-living crisis, it can be estimated that these overall percentages will rise,” said a spokesperson for Diamond Rehab Thailand.