LEXINGTON, KY. (FOX 56) — The pandemic prompted many Kentuckians to branch out and explore the great outdoors. Now, finding new hiking trails just got a lot easier thanks to the Kentucky Hiker Project. The site has launched a new podcast.

The podcast is meant to inspire, equip, and connect hikers to the best hiking adventures in the Commonwealth. It is hosted by Michael Harr, a self-described “one-man band.” His goal is to publish a 30-minute episode at least once a week. Episodes one and two are available now on all major audio streaming services.

“Especially when you talk about Kentucky, it’s not traditionally thought of nationally as a massive hiking destination,” said Harr. “But, I think if people really understood what hiking was all about here, they would probably come out a lot more often.”

Each episode starts with Harr discussing a recent hike. He hopes his love of hiking off the beaten path will inspire others to explore beyond the state’s traditional trails.

The podcast also equips hikers to have a better experience while minimizing the impact on the environment.

Additionally, each episode raises money for the Kentucky Natural Lands Trust. The nonprofit works to protect, connect and restore the state’s wildlands. It’s actively trying to purchase property to expand hiking opportunities for everyone.

Harr’s podcast is trying to speed up that process.

At a minimum, each episode will donate $20 to Kentucky Natural Lands Trust. In one year, the podcast will raise enough money to buy at least one acre of land.

For $20, you can be recognized at the beginning of the episode. $10 gets your advertisement read, and as little as $5 pays for a shoutout to your hiking pals.

“As far as impact, this isn’t going to have some life-changing type of impact,” said Harr. “But what it can do, is it can help fill in some of the gaps that are out there.”

So far, the podcast has raised $40. Donate online to help reach the $1000 goal.