FRANKFORT, Ky. (FOX 56) — Kentucky has moved a step closer to legalizing sports betting. The closely watched bill just had its first chamber vote.

On Monday, House lawmakers approved the sports betting bill — voting 63 to 34 to now send the bill to the Senate.

The vote is not very surprising to folks that have been following the issue. The House voted last year to legalize sports betting then — but this bill is a lot more slimmed down without any room for online poker or fantasy contests.

In addition to taxing both in-person and mobile bets, an amendment was approved on the House floor giving a portion of the proceeds to a problem gaming fund — however, opposing lawmakers said that having a fund for something addictive is the exact reason why the government should not move ahead on sports betting and believe lawmakers efforts could go to areas with bigger needs.

Amendments were also defeated to raise the gambling age to 21 and restrict people from using credit cards on bets.


Now the gamble is on the Senate — where the bill died last year and with only 5 full days left of the session — time is running short.