DAYTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – The toy gun, known by names such as “Orbeez gun” or “water bead gun”, is now banned for public use in Dayton.

Dayton Mayor Ben Baker signed an executive order Friday banning the use of these guns “on public sidewalks and other public rights of way”. Those who violate the order will be subject to a fine and the possibility of criminal charges such as wanton endangerment.

The prohibition of Orbeez guns in Dayton follows an array of complaints on behalf of people doing the Tik Tok “Orbeez Challenge” which involves shooting bystanders in public spaces.

Although gel bead blasters cannot cause fatal injuries, they have the power to damage property and minorly injure people.

When the TikTok challenge initially became popular, police in Georgetown spoke with FOX 56 about how the guns are being painted to resemble real firearms and the beads are being frozen, causing more severe injury.

Safety concerns involving water pellet guns have spread across the country, with injuries and property damages being reported in cities in Florida and Georgia.