LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) – Although Ian is a long hike away from the Bluegrass, there are several former Kentuckians now bracing for their first hurricane. Hayley Franklin and Derrick Miskell are both former Kentuckians in the path of Hurricane Ian. Both now live near the Tampa Bay area which is about two hours north of where Ian made landfall.

“I saw a funny little meme that somebody posted that said this was like the initiation for new Florida residents, the first hurricane,” Franklin told FOX 56.

Both said they had witnessed conditions deteriorate as the storm moved closer to their locations.

“The rains been getting heavier. We started with really light rain, and then it’s just gotten more intense as the day’s gone on,” Miskell said.

“This morning when we woke up the wind was kinda howling and picking up like we could here it loudly outside the doors but now it’s gotten much worse. Much faster much louder, it sounds like a coyote is out there howling,” Franklin said.  


Both spoke with FOX 56 earlier in the day before Ian made landfall. Their homes still had power and they were prepped with supplies. By later in the afternoon, Miskell said that he had lost power.

During their interview, just a few hours south, the storm’s fury was already ashore in Fort Myers. Earlier this week we spoke with storm chaser Chris Hall, but on Wednesday conditions were so bad we could not manage a phone conversation and could only connect over text.

“I think it all depends on your situation and what your own comfort level is,” Miskell said. His new home is under construction, but he is staying with friends that are already carrying some storm experience.

“I think our friends here helped out a lot and they kind of reassured us that they felt like that we were in an okay area and we were far enough off the coast,” he said.