LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — The first votes in Kentucky’s primary election will be cast starting Wednesday.

Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. EST is the deadline to request an absentee ballot for the May 16 primary election.

Kentucky Secretary of State Michael Adams said there are 10 total days the polls are open to vote, and six of those are excused absentee voting days.

You can vote if you have an excuse that will keep you from the polls on Election Day, such as one’s health or being away for college, starting Wednesday through Friday and again Monday through Wednesday.

Thursday, May 11, through Saturday, May 13, is when no-excuse early voting begins before Election Day on Tuesday, May 16.

Adams said there will be more polling locations available across the state than in November, but said the gubernatorial primary race generally has the lowest turnout.

“When I was on the ballot four years ago, we had 19% turnout, and that was seen as a good turnout, like surprisingly strong,” Adams said. “In 2015, it was 12%. In 2011, it was 10%. So, we historically have very low turnout in the gubernatorial primary elections.”

Adams is predicting about a 15% voter turnout. He said it’s likely to stay that way as the state trends redder, giving Democrats less reason to participate in the closed primary.


Independents can participate in the election if they’re in a district with a special election or a wet-dry vote, according to Adams.

To find your polling location, visit elect.ky.gov/Voters/Pages/Polling-Locations.aspx.

Camille Hantla contributed to this story.