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FRANKFORT Ky. (FOX 56) — Experts from Kentucky Fish and Wildlife want to remind the public that snakes are out for the summer. With the recent heatwave, they will be on the search for cooler spots during the day.

Out of the 32 species of snakes in the state, only four of them are venomous. Your chances of a poisonous encounter are pretty low to begin with.

When temperatures go above 90 degrees, snakes are going to look for shaded hiding spots during the day. If you want to keep them away, your best bet is to make sure your grass is cut and to remove clutter from your garage. If you happen to see a snake nearby, know that they’ll eventually leave if they have a way out.

It’s important to keep the snake alive so they can keep rodents from getting in your house.

“They help keep mice under control. Some like the rough green snakes eat a lot of insects. The racer is probably the most beneficial snake that we have. The young racers eat insects, but they especially like mice and rats,” said Kentucky Herpetologist John MacGregor.

If you find a snake nearby and feel comfortable snapping a pic, you can send it to Kentucky Fish and Wildlife to help them research the snakes that call Kentucky home.