HODGENVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) – A teen contacted police after having reactions to a suspected THC vape pen offered by another juvenile on Sunday in Hodgenville.

The Hodgenville Police Department said a 15-year-old began to have a medical emergency around 5:3 p.m. at Creekfront Park after taking a hit of a vape pen, police suspect was filled with THC, provided by another juvenile. As the individual began to have a reaction to the pen, the unidentified juvenile ran away.


The 15-year-old was able to contact authorities and receive medical aid, but Hodgenville police are reminding Kentuckians they should stay with those experiencing medical emergencies.

“Under Kentucky law, suspects can not be charged when calling for assistance with an overdose. Please do not leave people to die because you don’t want to get in trouble,” the department wrote in a news release.