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HAZARD, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – Several parents have said they are upset about inappropriate actions at an assembly at Hazard High School.

Pictures were even posted earlier this week on the Hazard High School Athletics Facebook page. The post has since been deleted.

Several students dressed like Hooters restaurant employees and carried mugs that looked like they had beer in them. Other students were paddled as part of the event.

Parents we’ve heard from were most upset about pictures showing teenage boys dressed in women’s lingerie, dancing on and near school leaders.

“It wasn’t meant to be anything sexual. It was just a joke so we could get more laughs so we could win,” said senior Legend Goins.

We’ve also heard from other parents and a couple of students, who were involved in the assembly, who say they think the situation is being blown out of proportion.

“I think that everyone’s taking it way too far,” said John Mackslover, senior. “Every year up to this year, I would say they’re just as vulgar, as you would put it.”

In this year’s photos, Principal Happy Mobelini is featured. He’s also the mayor of Hazard.

“Happy is one of the best people there are. He would do anything to help anybody,” said Hollie Layne, mother of one of the students pictured.

We spoke with Mobelini over the phone Wednesday. He told us all questions regarding this incident needed to be taken up with the superintendent’s office.

Superintendent Sondra Combs told us the incident is being investigated and appropriate action will be taken. Combs says the district is investigating this as quickly as possible.

Combs released this statement about the situation:

Mobelini is also facing a lawsuit because of a different alleged incident, according to our news partners at the Lexington-Herald Leader.

The suit accuses Mobelini and two teachers of not chaperoning students during a trip to Washington, D.C. back in 2017. The lawsuit claims that lack of supervision led to a physical and sexual assault against a female student on the trip. She said when she reported it, she wasn’t taken seriously.

A jury trial is scheduled for next August in that case.