KENTUCKY (FOX 56) — Kentucky is known for its natural tourism, hikes, bourbon, and lakes, and one Kentucky lake is getting national attention.

Kentucky is a rising star in tourism, with Lexington and Louisville recently being named top destinations by Airbnb for the summer of 2023. Now, people from across the country have another reason to come to the Bluegrass State, with USA Today highlighting Lake Cumberland.

Lake Cumberland, created by the Wolf Creek Dam, spans Laurel, Clinton, Pulaski, Russell, and Wayne counties and was recently named the number one lake in the United States by USA Today.

Lake Cumberland is known for its great boating scene and was featured in a FOX 56 story highlighting great fall color viewing sites. The lake and the attached park offer swimming, a beach, geocaching, hiking, fishing, and more.

According to Burnside Tourism, Lake Cumberland is the houseboat capital of the world. Burnside Tourism said Wolf Creek Dam is the 25th largest dam in the U.S. and cost $15 million to construct.

The top five best U.S. lakes of 2023, according to USA Today, include:

  1. Lake Cumberland – Kentucky
  2. Lake Havasu – Arizona and California
  3. Lake Superior – Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin
  4. Big Bear Lake – California
  5. Champlain – New York and Vermont

The full list of the best lakes can be found at USA Today’s USA Today’s 10Best series is selected after nominees are submitted by experts, narrowed down by editors, and voted on by readers once per category, per day.