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LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — After nearly ten inches of snow hit Fayette county last week. The city is working hard to keep snow off of the roads this weekend.

“We are pretty good about getting the roads passable,” said Rob Allen director of streets and roads.

Snow preparations are beginning all across Lexington to keep roads safe in the face of the approaching winter weather.

“Last time we used a little less than 3,000 tons, we were actually as you can see behind me we were able to replace that this week.  Starting on Tuesday and will be taking final deliveries at our second salt barn today,” said Allen.  

Once the snow begins to fall, Allen said the city will be prepared. He said they have tapped the shoulders of workers from other city departments to help fill in the gaps with staffing shortages.

“We have help from code enforcement, parks and recreation, waste management, and some other folks in water quality that aren’t normally associated with treating the roads,” said Allen.

Dozens of drivers in Kentucky were stranded for hours after a record snowfall last week.
Allen said if you do not slow down, pileups can happen again.

“A good rule of thumb is 10 miles an hour off the posted speed limit at the minimum you can back down at it even more.  But if you are at a crawl, and fifty cars are behind you. You may need to rethink do I need to take this trip,” said Allen.

And if you do happen to slide off the roads.

“Cut the wheel in the direction your rear end is sliding too, so you come out of the spin and you are able to control the vehicle, do not overcorrect. But, the big thing is take your foot off the gas and slow down,” said Allen.

Allen said some of the city’s contract workers they are associated with have run into supply chain issues.
“But we worked that around and we substituted and we are okay, we are still fully equipped,” said Allen.