WILLISBURG, Ky. (FOX 56) — A life-saving drug in the battle against drug overdoses is now available over the counter.

The Food and Drug Administration approved Narcan for over-the-counter use in March and the ability to start purchasing this month. Ted Mccoart with Isaiah House said this change will make a difference.

“Narcan saves lives,” said the Public Relations Director of Isaiah House Ted McCoart. He talks from experience about the power of Narcan, it once saved his life.

“In 2020, I overdosed and if it hadn’t been for some state police officers administering Narcan on me, I may not have made it. Luckily, I did, and it was just instrumental and saved my life, and being able to, my next step after that overdose was coming to Isaiah House, coming to treatment, and beginning my recovery journey,” McCoart said.

The FDA reported more than 109,000 people died from a drug overdose in 2022.

Narcan is given to someone who has overdosed on opioids, helping to reverse the dangerous symptom of slowed or stopped breathing.

“So, when I talk to other individuals here at Isaiah house and other people in recovery that I know, you know, we’re really excited and grateful that Narcan is going to be more readily available to people,” McCoart said.

Narcan nasal spray was first approved by the FDA in 2015 as a prescription drug but was approved back in March for use without a prescription.


“We keep Narcan on hand to save lives and we think it’s an absolutely instrumental lifesaving tool that every business should on hand,” McCoart said.

McCoart said the only concern with the new over-the-counter drug is the pricing

“I think that the something I saw that I was reading today said $49 for two doses of Narcan and I just think that’s absolutely ludicrous. Often times Narcan is going to be for individuals who are maybe challenged economically and so why create even more challenges for them to get a drug that could save their lives and potentially give them a second chance and give them a chance for recovery”, McCoart said.

Major retailers including CVS, Walmart, and Walgreens are offering the over-the-counter drug.