LONDON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A London police officer has been recognized after springing into action to save the life of a toddler.

According to the London Police Department, a 2-year-old drowned when he jumped into the pool without a life jacket. When his mother pulled him from the water, police said he was blue, unresponsive, and without a pulse.


Sgt. Troy Truett with the London Police Department cleared the area and administered CPR “without hesitation.” After several chest compressions and a couple of rescue breaths, the 2-year-old boy regained consciousness and began to breathe on his own.

“Sgt. Truett’s selfless act of heroism deserves recognition and gratitude from both his local community and society at large. His dedication to public safety and his quick thinking in the face of a life-threatening situation serve as an inspiration to us all,” the London Police Department said.

Sgt. Troy Truett will receive the Life Saving Award and Medal for his action.