LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — Gambling is a deeply rooted concept that exists in every state, regardless of the laws that may prohibit it.

Not all gambling is the same though. There are “social” gamblers who make the occasional bet on sports or purchase a lottery ticket, but there are also gamblers that fall into extreme addiction and let it take over their financial, relational, and emotional lives.

Debt.org found that the average male gambling addict accumulates debt of between $55,000 and $90,000 whereas the female average is $15,000. Many cannot afford to pay back what they owe, and as a result, develop health issues, lose their jobs, or even turn to crime.

The extent of gambling addiction is different in every state. Wallethub ranked each state to determine where excessive gambling is most prevalent using metrics including the presence of illegal gambling operations, lottery sales per capita, and the percentage of adults with gambling disorders.

At the top of the list is Nevada, where gambling is a prevalent part of its economy and culture. Kentucky ranked toward the bottom at number 44.

Here is an interactive guide ranking state by the amount of gambling addiction:

Source: WalletHub

Additionally, Kentucky was ranked 42nd in terms of the number of casinos per capita and 47th for the percentage of individuals with a gambling disorder.

Legalized sports gambling was a hot topic in the latest Kentucky General Assembly and passed a House vote but did not make it to the Senate floor for a formal vote.