MOREHEAD, Ky. (FOX 56) — New Frontier’s latest campaign exudes an “Outlaw State of Kind.”

The Grammy-winning Kentuckian J.T. Cure and the Appalachian-inspired clothing brand are teaming up to support Chris Stapleton’s Outlaw State of Kind charitable foundation.

“J.T. is a fellow Eastern Kentuckian who is doing big things out there and making us all proud back home,” New Frontier Co-founder and CEO Joshua Ravenscraft said. “At the end of the day, it is really fulfilling to use our platforms to bring awareness and funds back to a good cause founded by good people.”

It’s a full-circle collaboration. Cure has been playing music with Stapleton since the two met in Morehead in 1988. Ravenscraft notes that Cure was one of their first customers when the company started from “humble roots” in a Morehead log yard garage in 2016.

Fast forward to 2023, and Cure and the New Frontier team have spent the past year creating a hat to raise money for Stapleton’s charity fund. The hat features Cure’s signature bass guitar, which helped create the sound of Stapleton’s six-time platinum record, “Traveller.”


“It personally means a lot to me to be giving back through this collaboration,” Cure said. “Doing so with a partner who has the same passion for the region and giving back to the community we are both from is really very special.”

The Outlaw State of Kind fund focuses on giving back to causes close to the hearts of Chris and Morgane Stapleton. Previously, it has benefited several causes in Kentucky, providing relief for the eastern Kentucky floods and western Kentucky tornado victims.

The signature hats will be available on Chris Stapleton‘s and New Frontier‘s websites, as well as at select shows on Stapleton’s tour. All of the proceeds will directly benefit the Outlaw State of Kind fund.