BEREA, Ky. (FOX 56) — A major project headed to Berea will improve public safety and save taxpayers money. It’s also a huge asset to the city’s police department.

For nearly eight months, Berea Mayor Bruce Fraley says both agencies have been planning to construct a new firing range for officers. The current firing range sits on the city’s former sanitation lot. It’s near houses, and the hill that serves as a backdrop is only about 15 feet high. Officials worry a stray bullet could have major consequences, like hitting a home.

Berea Police decided to build a new firing range instead of renovating the current one because it’s a more affordable option. Upgrades to the current range would cost between $300,00 and $400,000. However, building a new facility costs $75,000. The new range will still be on the city’s former sanitation lot, but it’s moved to a safer spot that has 60% to 70% more banks.

The department is also buying a moving target robot. Most police firearm training is static but suspects in the real-world move. This technology is harder to hit, so it will improve the safety and accuracy of their aim.


Fraley says the moving target was highly recommended, and taxpayers don’t have to spend a dollar. A $16,000 grant from the city’s insurance carrier, the Kentucky League of Cities, paid for the target.