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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) – A Nicholasville neighborhood got an unwelcome surprise when hateful flyers touting white supremacist language started circling in their mailboxes and on their lawns.

“This is the fifth flyer from the same organization, each time in a different area around Lexington,” Rabbi Shlomo Litvin with Chabad of the Bluegrass said.

This time in a neighborhood on East Hickman Road.

The flyers seem to be a recruitment letter for a white supremacy group using anti-Semitic words and criticizing the Black Lives Matter movement.

But, Rabbi Litvin believes it also about intimidation.

“They use Nazi imagery and ‘blood and soil’ terms like that because they know it instigates fear in people,” Rabbi Litvin said. “They not only want to find people that agree with them, which they failed at, but they want to intimidate the community, and they failed at that as well.”

Rabbi Litvin said similar flyers have been found in Versailles and the Scott County area.

Each time the reaction from neighbors receiving the flyers has been the same.

“Every single time the community has reached out to myself and to other community leaders and said ‘we find this disgusting, how can we stand out against it’,” Rabbi Litvin said. “Every single time the community’s response has been uniform that this has no home here.”

Rabbi Litvin is choosing to focus on the community’s message instead of the flyer’s.

“No matter how many times this bigotry is tried, we say no,” Rabbi Litvin said. “We shake it off, we continue to be lights, we continue to defeat darkness, and we speak out against this hatred.”

We did reach out to Nicholasville Police and the Jessamine County Sheriff’s Office Monday, but they said they were not aware of any reports filed concerning the flyers.