LEXINGTON, Ky. (FOX 56) — A warning for anyone looking for a job. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports many recent jobseekers have fallen victim to scams.

The BBB warns job applicants to be wary of any unusual interview tactics.

“There are some red flags of a job that might not be a real job. And mind you, these things can be hidden along with other legitimate job offers on legitimate job-hunting sites like CareerBuilder or indeed Monster all those types of sites,” said spokesperson Heather Clary.

Job scammers have gotten very sophisticated, claiming to be legitimate employers, requiring interviews, and even providing phony offer letters.


“But if they just want to text with you or a new twist we’ve seen, they want you to download some sort of an app and communicate with them over that and provide personal information. That could be a big red flag,” Clary said.

Telegram is a platform that allows users to create bot accounts which scammers use to rapidly target vulnerable and legitimate accounts.

“Especially if they’re starting to ask for bank information and information like that before you’ve even really gotten the job offer or even been able to find out who these people are,” Clary said.

Upon asking for personal information Clary said the scammers then offer to buy you equipment and supplies you need for the job by sending you a check.

“They want you to deposit that check, keep some of it for your first week’s pay, and then send the rest of it off to some supplier who is allegedly going to send you this equipment,” Clary said.

And now you’re left with a bad check in your account and are responsible for the funds.

“It’s offered almost too quickly. That’s a classic sign of a job scam. You’ll want to check it out more closely,’ Clary.

Officials with the BBB advise consumers to research job offers first, beware of jobs that involve receiving and returning money, be careful with your personal information and report suspicious job listings.