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LAUREL COUNTY, Ky. (FOX 56/WKYT) – U.S. Senator Rand Paul met with public school superintendents from southern and eastern Kentucky in Laurel County Thursday morning.

Paul said the meeting was about hearing their concerns and not telling them what to do.

The meeting was with 15 superintendents and the purpose, according to Laurel County’s Doug Bennett, was the best course of action regarding COVID-19 to keep everyone safe and kids in school.

Sen. Paul says he believes the risk to school age children remains low. He says one in a million children will die from COVID-19 and says flu kills more children.

Paul says he believes more in persuasion than mandates, and says he questions if some children who are being sent home in quarantine have natural immunity to it.

Tthis is my opinion. I am not telling them what to do, but I don’t like the idea where we are sending all of these kids home in quarantine if they already had the disease,” Sen. Paul said. “So, if they already had the disease we should be keeping these kids in school. The goal should be how many kids we can keep in schools safely.”

Sen. Paul says people need to talk to their doctor about monoclonal antibodies, he says he believes that has helped some people, older or with other health issues, to avoid becoming very sick.

Laurel County Superintendent Doug Bennett says he believes they need to do everything they can to keep children in school and to avoid NTI days.