BARBOURVILLE, Ky. (FOX 56) – The revival that took place at Asbury University is sparking worship across the nation.

Students at Union College tried to hold a student-led worship Friday on campus, but the event didn’t go as planned.

FOX 56 spoke with two students from Union College who participated in the revival at Asbury University. The students said the experience moved them to organize a similar experience at their school.

From the start, they said they faced challenges.

The students said they were advised to visit the campus minister to let him know what they were hoping to do, but they elected not to. Faculty then proceeded to tell them they could not hold the service at the school student center.

Students proceeded to gather on the lawn outside of the campus chapel instead.

What started as 15 students soon grew to around 170 people, including individuals from around the community. When the school learned the student-led worship was happening there they said they could move it to the student center as long as the community didn’t join them.

Organizers declined the school’s offer and moved to the streets of Barbourville.

The president of Union College, Marcia Hawkins, told FOX 56 this was a giant misunderstanding between the students, the administration, and the community.

In a statement issued on Saturday, Hawkins said they were advised of the process to follow by both the Dean of Students and the college president. Both volunteered to go with the students to meet with the campus minister. The students chose not to follow the process.

“You need to follow the process, just kept harping about a process. We weren’t even aware before any of this that there even was a process. We knew there was a process for starting clubs and such, but in our eyes, we didn’t see this as any different as 10 to 15 of us going to the library to study,” one student said.

“We definitely would like to continue something like this on campus. I know we’ve talked about maybe starting a club, one where we can do something like worship once a week or gather together and pray,” said another student.

The female students said several Barbourville churches have offered up their pews for the students to come worship, but they would rather keep it on campus since many students don’t own a car.

Both the students and the president said they are hopeful something can be worked out in the future.