LEXINGTON Ky. (FOX 56) – A study conducted by NiceRx showed healthcare expenditures and life expectancy by state across the U.S. and Kentucky does not rank favorably in either category.

In the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, access to medical care is in the spotlight.

In the U.S., healthcare expenditure varies from state to state. The top five states in healthcare expenditure are:

  • California – $174.1 billion
  • New York – $131 billion
  • Texas – $75.9 billion
  • Pennsylvania – $58.3 billion
  • Ohio – $45.3 billion

Kentucky did not find itself in the bottom half of this list, but only finished 20th in total healthcare spending with $20.3 billion, including $10.1 billion in personal healthcare and $879 million in prescription drugs and other non-durable medical products.


Kentucky also ranks 46th in the U.S. with an average life expectancy of 73.5 years.

The top states in life expectancy are comprised of:

  • Hawaii (80.7)
  • Washington (79.2)
  • Minnesota (79.1)
  • California, Massachusettes, and New Hampshire (79.0)
  • Oregon and Vermont (78.8)

While the bottom five consist of:

  • Kentucky (73.5)
  • Alabama (73.2)
  • Louisiana (73.1)
  • West Virginia (72.8)
  • Mississippi (71.9)

It’s worth noting states with the highest cases of COVID-19 also tended to have higher healthcare expenditures than other states.