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KENTUCKY (FOX 56) – A study ranked Kentucky among the least green states.

The WalletHub study compared 50 states across three dimensions including environmental quality, eco-friendly behaviors, and climate-change contributions.

Kentucky fell into the 45th greenest state, just ahead of North Dakota (46), Alabama (47), Mississippi (48), Louisiana (49), and West Virginia (50).

Virginia (18) was the highest-ranking state according to the study and Illinois (23) came in second.

The three dimensions were calculated using 25 metrics related to the main three dimensions. Each metric was scored with a total of 25 adding up to a max of 100 for the highest level of eco-friendliness. These metrics include air quality, water quality, renewable energy consumption, and gasoline consumption.

Source: WalletHub

It wasn’t all bad news for Kentucky. The commonwealth was in a six-way tie for best water quality, tying with California, Iowa, Hawaii, Maryland, and Massachusetts.

The ranking placed Kentucky in the middle on environmental quality (27), but the poor rankings in eco-friendly behaviors (47) and climate-change contributions (45) pulled the state down among the least environmentally-friendly states.

The poor rankings in contributions and behaviors could threaten the current environmental quality score and mean it may score lower in the years to come.